Code of Ordinances Book View

Volume I
Adoption Of Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Advertising
Chapter 4. Reserved
Chapter 5. Aircraft And Airports
Chapter 5A. Air Pollution
Chapter 6. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 6A. Amusement Centers
Chapter 7. Animals
Chapter 7A. Anti-Litter Regulations
Chapter 8. Boards And Commissions
Chapter 8A. Boarding Home Facilities
Chapter 9. Bicycles
Chapter 9A. Billiard Halls
Chapter 9B. Building Security
Chapter 10. Buses And Shuttles
Chapter 10A. Limousines
Chapter 10B. Non-Motorized Passenger Transport Vehicles
Chapter 11. Cemeteries And Burials
Chapter 12. City Youth Program Standards Of Care
Chapter 12A. Code Of Ethics
Chapter 12B. Convenience Stores
Chapter 13. Courts, Fines And Imprisonments
Chapter 13A. Dallas Transit System
Chapter 14. Dance Halls
Chapter 14A. Reserved
Chapter 14B. Emergency Management
Chapter 15. Reserved
Chapter 15A. Elections
Chapter 15B. Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance
Chapter 15C. Emergency Reporting Equipment And Procedures
Chapter 15D. Emergency Vehicles
Chapter 16. Dallas Fire Code
Chapter 17. Food Establishments
Chapter 18. Municipal Solid Wastes
Chapter 19. Health And Sanitation
Chapter 19A. Reserved
Chapter 20. Reserved
Chapter 20A. Fair Housing
Chapter 21. Reserved
Chapter 22. Reserved
Chapter 23. Reserved
Chapter 24. Library
Chapter 25. Loan Brokers
Chapter 25A. Massage Establishments
Chapter 26. Reserved
Chapter 27. Minimum Urban Rehabilitation Standards
Chapter 28. Motor Vehicles And Traffic
Volume Ii
Chapter 29. Reserved
Chapter 29A. Neighborhood Farmers Markets
Chapter 30. Noise
Chapter 31. Offenses - Miscellaneous
Chapter 31A. Officers And Employees
Chapter 32. Parks And Water Reservoirs
Chapter 33. Personal Care Facilities
Chapter 34. Personnel Rules
Chapter 35. Reserved
Chapter 36. Poles And Wires
Chapter 37. Police
Chapter 37A. Police And Fire Welfare Fund
Chapter 38. Private Detectives
Chapter 39. Railroads
Chapter 39A. Relocation Assistance - Eminent Domain
Chapter 39B. Regulated Property - Purchase And Sale
Chapter 39C. Records Management Program
Chapter 40. Rat Control
Chapter 40A. Retirement
Section ONDARY. Metals Recyclers
Chapter 41. Smoking
Chapter 41A. Sexually Oriented Businesses
Chapter 42. Solicitors
Chapter 42A. Special Events
Chapter 43. Streets And Sidewalks
Chapter 43A. Swimming Pools
Chapter 44. Taxation
Chapter 45. Taxicabs
Chapter 46. Unlawful Discriminatory Practices Relating To Sexual Orientation
Chapter 47. Trailers, Trailer Parks And Tourist Camps
Chapter 48. Trees And Shrubs
Chapter 48A. Vehicle Tow Service
Chapter 48B. Vacant Buildings
Chapter 48C. Vehicle Immobilization Service
Chapter 49. Water And Wastewater
Chapter 50. Consumer Affairs
Code Comparative Table
Volume Iii
Chapter 51A. Part Ii Of The Dallas Development Code: Ordinance No. 19455, As Amended
Code Comparative Table
Chapter 51. Part I Of The Dallas Development Code
Chapter 51A. Dallas Development Code: Ordinance No. 19455, As Amended
Volume Iv
Chapter 51P. Dallas Development Code: Planned Development District Regulations