Chapter 2. Administration  

Article I. In General.
Article II. Assistant City Attorneys.
Article III. Management And Sale Of City-Owned Real Property.
Article IV. Purchasing.
Article IV-a. Office Of Economic Development.
Article V. Department Of Sustainable Development And Construction.
Article V-a. Department Of Equipment And Building Services.
Article V-b. Department Of Convention And Event Services.
Article V-c. Department Of Public Works .
Article V-d. Water Utilities Department.
Article VI. Department Of Human Resources.
Article VII. Department Of Code Compliance.
Article VII-a. Office Of Management Services.
Article VII-b. Department Of Trinity Watershed Management.
Article VIII. Department Of Public Affairs.
Article VIII-a. Claims Against The City.
Article IX. Permit And License Appeal Board.
Article X. Public Art Program.
Article XI. Filling Temporary Vacancies.
Article XIII. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center Board.
Article XIV. South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Board.
Article XV. Chief Financial Officer.
Article XV-a. City Controller's Office.
Article XV-b. Office Of Financial Services.
Article XV-c. Office Of Risk Management.
Article XVI. Department Of Communication And Information Services.
Article XVII. Department Of Sanitation Services.
Article XVII-a. Department Of Street Services.
Article XVIII. Senior Affairs Commission.
Article XIX. Department Of Housing/Community Services.
Article XXI.COMMUNITY. Development Commission.
Article XXIV.ANIMAL. Shelter Commission.
Article V-e. Reserved.
Article XXVI.CULTURAL. Affairs Commission.
Article XXVI-a.OFFICE. Of Cultural Affairs.
Article XXVII.CIVIL. Service Board; Adjunct Members; Administrative Law Judges.
Article XXVIII.STORM. Water Drainage Utility.