Chapter 7A. Anti-Litter Regulations  

§ 7A-1. Short Title.
§ 7A-2. Definitions.
§ 7A-3. Throwing Or Depositing Litter In Public Places Prohibited; Exceptions.
§ 7A-4. Manner Of Placing Litter In Receptacles.
§ 7A-5. Sweeping Litter Into Gutters, Etc. Prohibited; Sidewalks To Be Kept Free Of Litter By Abutting Property Owners Or Occupants.
§ 7A-6. Duty Of Merchants And Contractors As To Litter In Abutting Sidewalks, Etc.
§ 7A-7. Throwing Litter From Vehicles Prohibited.
§ 7A-7.1. Removal Of Injurious Material From Streets.
§ 7A-8. Litter In Parks.
§ 7A-9. Litter In Fountains, Lakes, Etc.
§ 7A-10. Throwing, Distributing, Etc., Handbills In Public Places.
§ 7A-11. Placing Handbills In Or Upon Vehicles.
§ 7A-12. Depositing Handbills On Uninhabited Or Vacant Premises.
§ 7A-13. Distribution Of Handbills Where Posted Or Indicated As Prohibited.
§ 7A-14. Manner Of Distribution Of Handbills To Inhabited Premises.
§ 7A-15. Dropping Litter, Etc., From Aircraft Prohibited.
§ 7A-16. Prohibiting The Posting Of Notices On Poles, Trees, And Structures; Presumptions; Defenses.
§ 7A-17. Throwing Or Depositing Litter On Private Premises.
§ 7A-18. Duty To Maintain Premises Free From Litter.
§ 7A-19. Depositing Litter On Vacant Lots Prohibited.
§ 7A-19.1. City Removal Of Litter From Private Premises; Notice Required.
§ 7A-19.2. Charges To Be Levied Against The Premises; Lien On Premises For Failure To Pay Charges.
§ 7A-20. Penalty For Violation Of Chapter; Enforcement Of Chapter.