Chapter 40A. Retirement  

§ 40A-1. Definitions.
§ 40A-2. Creation Of The Retirement Fund And Board Of Trustees; Composition And Officers Of The Board.
§ 40A-3. Terms And Remuneration Of The Board.
§ 40A-4. Powers, Duties, And Immunities Of The Board.
§ 40A-4.1. Investment Managers; Fiduciary Duties.
§ 40A-4.2. Investment Custody Account.
§ 40A-5. Administrator Of The Retirement Fund.
§ 40A-6. Employee Contributions.
§ 40A-7. City Contributions.
§ 40A-7.1. Modification Of Contribution Rates.
§ 40A-8. Effect Of Membership In The Retirement Fund.
§ 40A-9. Actuarial Assumptions.
§ 40A-10. Credited Service; Computation Of Benefits.
§ 40A-11. Credited Service For Employment Before A Break In Service.
§ 40A-12. Credited Service For Military Active Duty.
§ 40A-13. Credited Service For Leave Of Absence.
§ 40A-14. Reduction In Force.
§ 40A-15. Retirement.
§ 40A-16. Retirement Pension.
§ 40A-17. Disability Retirement.
§ 40A-18. Disability Retirement Pension.
§ 40A-19. Re-Employment Of A Retiree.
§ 40A-20. Termination Of A Disability Retirement Pension.
§ 40A-20.1. Selection Of A Designee.
§ 40A-21. Death Benefits Before Retirement.
§ 40A-22. Selection Of Death Benefits Prior To Retirement.
§ 40A-23. Death Benefits After Retirement.
§ 40A-24. Death Benefits To Minors.
§ 40A-25. Benefits To Incompetent Retirees Or Beneficiaries.
§ 40A-26. Direct Rollover.
§ 40A-27. Health Benefit Supplements.
§ 40A-28. Cost-Of-Living Adjustment To Benefits.
§ 40A-29. Termination Of City Employment Prior To Retirement; Benefits.
§ 40A-30. Refund Or Forfeiture Of Contributions.
§ 40A-31. Leave Of Absence.
§ 40A-32. Leave For Military Active Duty.
§ 40A-33. Compliance With Federal Tax Laws.
§ 40A-34. Nonalienation And Nonreduction Of Benefits.
§ 40A-35. Amendment To This Chapter.