Chapter 41A. Sexually Oriented Businesses  

§ 41A-1. Purpose And Intent.
§ 41A-2. Definitions.
§ 41A-3. Classification.
§ 41A-4. License And Designated Operator Required.
§ 41A-5. Issuance Of License.
§ 41A-6. Fees.
§ 41A-7. Inspection.
§ 41A-7.1. Identification Records.
§ 41A-8. Expiration Of License.
§ 41A-9. Suspension.
§ 41A-10. Revocation.
§ 41A-10.1. Denial, Suspension, Revocation, Or Denial Of Renewal Of A License For Criminal Convictions.
§ 41A-10.2. Notice Of Denial Of Issuance Or Renewal Of License Or Suspension Or Revocation Of License; Surrender Of License.
§ 41A-11. Appeal.
§ 41A-12. Transfer Of License.
§ 41A-13. Location Of Sexually Oriented Businesses.
§ 41A-14. Exemption From Location Restrictions.
§ 41A-14.1. Exterior Portions Of Sexually Oriented Businesses.
§ 41A-14.2. Sign Requirements.
§ 41A-15. Additional Regulations For Escort Agencies.
§ 41A-16. Additional Regulations For Nude Model Studios.
§ 41A-17. Additional Regulations For Adult Motion Picture Theaters.
§ 41A-18. Additional Regulations For Adult Motels.
§ 41A-18.1. Additional Regulations For Adult Cabarets.
§ 41A-19. Regulations Pertaining To Exhibition Of Sexually Explicit Films Or Videos.
§ 41A-20. Display Of Sexually Explicit Material To Minors.
§ 41A-20.1. Prohibitions Against Minors In Sexually Oriented Businesses.
§ 41A-21. Enforcement.
§ 41A-22. Injunction.
§ 41A-23. Amendment Of This Chapter.